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Nowadays, businesses of all sizes and sectors constantly face risks and threats from the internet. Whether it is a broad and random attack (e.g. ransomware), or a targeted onset (e.g. CEO Fraud), internet criminals most often strike undetected and smartly. The damages caused can be of tremendous and even an existence-threatening extent.

  The solution for full protection against malware – Blue Shield Umbrella 

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Dynamic Threat Prevention instead of Heuristik
Heuristic methods and pattern recognition do not correspond adequately with the latest state of technology. Blue Shield Umbrella utilises specific mathematics for its anomaly recognition, this makes malware predictive and transparent. Latest technology and the input of several Security Providers coupled with advanced analytics – this is the innovative combination that ensures perils are not only recognised but also preventively blocked.

We are always up to date
We also protect all mobile devices such as tablets, phones and notebooks without much hardware effort or expensive VPN concentrators.

100% protection for On & Off Network 
Protects all IP based devices even those located outside the corporate network.

Partner & Custom Integrations
We integrate our solution into an existing infrastructure and complement existing systems.

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Blue Shield– the intelligent Solution

With Blue Shield Umbrella the Intelligence DNS Centers are requested for name resolution instead of the root-DNS-server. Those further communicate with the European Threat Intelligence Defence Center and receive an assessment about the inquired names in real-time from there. When a name is blocked, the inquiring server will be informed about it and the clients receive a notification about the blocking. Through this innovative technology, an attack is halted before it even takes place and the download of malicious codes is prevented. In addition, the activities of existing botnets, Trojans or similar is shorted with this modern technology. Communication with the control servers is no longer possible and the malware becomes inefficacious. Hostile software cannot communicate with the control server any longer but communication is still sought and attempted; as a result, the computer con-taminants become apparent in the LAN.

The European Threat Intelligence Defence Center reviews with numerous techniques the inquired servers in the internet for compromise and saves the results in a database. In addition, mathematical computations are in use. Therefore, the risks and threats are not only recognised but barred.

The Solution BSU

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