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IT to match your Business Aspirations

For most businesses, it is inevitable to have their server systems at permanent disposal; therefore, high availability has become a State-of-the-Art within IT.

With more than 20 years of experience in IT-consultation and project implementation, our team has the required know-how and profound knowledge to competently offer the following and other services in the most professional manner.

We support you in the fields of:

Active Directory Integration and Optimization
 Communication with Microsoft® Lync
 Mail server mit Microsoft® Exchange
 Server and Client Management with Microsoft® System Center
 Terminal services mit Microsoft® Terminalserver und Citrix
Comprehensive IT Security Solutions
Cloud and digital world connected over businesswoman mobile phone
 Databases with Microsoft® SQL und Oracle
 Virtualisation and High Availability with Microsoft®® Hyper-V und VMware + Citrix
 Planning and Setup of complex WLAN Infrastructures
 Planning and Setup of complex Switch Infrastructures
 Planning and Setup of complex Storage and Server Clusters as well as Convergent and Hyper-Convergent Systems

Complete or Partial Solutions

You decide whether you want a complete solution – starting with an analysis and documentation, subsequent planning phase up to implementation and initiation – or if you would like to make use of specific service components only. With proactive and reactive IT support plus technology solutions to improve your business processes, fully managed IT enables the easier achievement of your business goals.

Detailed analysis of your IT environment and your requirements
Professional assessment and documentation thereof
Creation of an individual IT concept
Structured planning of implementation
Customer support while in operation

individual, not just conventional

You receive an individual solution that is in line with your individual needs and specific requirements.

Technical excellence combined with exceptional customer service

With our Standard Services we support you to reduce the workload distribution for your staff. We support you with all tasks and processes within your IT infrastructure. Thereby, we take on single tasks or the entire process. To us, transparency equally important as certified quality standards.

 Managed IT Support
Installation and Configuration of Server and Customer Hardware
 Assembling and Refinement of Server and Customer Hardware
 Pre-configuration and delivery of Server and Client Systems
 Migration of Server and Application to new Operating Systems
Businesswoman connected tech devices and icons applications to a digital planet earth
 Preparation of Documentations
 Rollin und Rollout of Hardware
 Handling of Retraction of Old Systems
Reparation of Hardware and Warranty Processing (only defined manufacturers)
 Pickup & Return Services for Hardware
 On-site Services for Hardware



Certified Quality Standards


Process Transparency


Behind the „IT-door“

In addition to the Standard and Professional Services as well as our Cloud-Solutions, we also offer services beyond IT support.

Access controll systems

Once you have a modern access systems in place, you can not only secure buildings or confined spaces but predefine access authorization to specific rooms/buildings and other spaces. Furthermore, you have the option to connect the control system via interfaces to time-recording systems, burglar alarms / intruder alarm systems etc.

 Access Protection
 Access Control

The digital Meeting room

The traditional conference room is outdated – The future belongs to the Media Space:
Show your clients that you are an innovative business – thanks to most modern conference technics and sustainable presentation! The conference room is the business card of your company. Whip it into shape with the right equipment:

 Audio conferencing system
 Video conferencing system
 Digital Signage
 Beamer & Accessoiries

Hard- and Software – The IT basics

We support you with the right selection and acquisition of the prefect hard- and software for your business, and conduct its installation, configuration and service.
We help you plan your IT spending by documenting IT hardware, advising on IT strategy and assisting with warranty and software license management.

 Desktop PC, Notebooks, TFT, Printer, Toner, Ink Cartridge, Cable & & other Consumable Material
 Server and Storage Systems
 Metro Cluster and High Availability
 Switches and Routers on Enterprise-level


 Manufacturer-independent Software for your business
WLAN Enterprise Hardware
 Archiving Solutions

Consultation, Acquisition and more


We help you with the selection of the right hardware and coordinate everything that follows. From the purchase to the scheduled delivery through to the installation on-site. We help you get the most out of your IT systems.


No matter if it is about office-applications, operating systems or document management, we identify your individual requirements under consideration of licence and support regulations.


The correct licence management of software is an important issue that can save expenses. We provide a comprehensive advice and organise your licence management.

Managed Services = Hardware + Software + Service

You need a fail-proof and professional IT infrastructure, but you also want to relieve your personnel and resources, we support your business with our Managed Services. All IT processes are run, maintained and monitored individually and economically effective – completely or partial, on-site or remote in our datacentre. You can delegate the responsibility for economic and technical IT-risks to our professional IT Team whereas retain full control at the same time.

Installation of updates, monitoring, automated trouble-shooting via Workflow-System
Monitoring, assistance to end-users, automated roll-out of software, inventory of hard- & software
Monitoring & error analysis, automated evaluation of logfiles, performance & availability analysis, automated error recovery
Operation of firewalls, intrusion-detection & intrusion-prevention systems, antivirus, antispam, content filtering

Private Cloud Hosting

Get your IT infrastructure from our datacentre safe, fast and simple as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). High-available, scalable, flexible and most cost-efficient through our pay-as-you-go licence model.

Ressources from the Private Cloud

Highly-available, virtual application of infrastructure (e.g. CPU, RAM, HD, Firewall, etc.)
Virtual provision of a flexible, complete server system inclusive licences

Software as a service

We offer various software solutions with our SaaS products from our German datacentre. We undertake the administration, the support and adherence to compliance specifications. You save on expenses with our pay-as-you-go licence model: You only pay for what you use!

flex.ADMIN – he secure management and report solution for your IT infrastructure (RMM – Remote Monitoring and Management)

flex.ADMIN can inspect the health status of servers, desktops and mobile terminals at any time, and alert or take measures in situation of impairment. Many maintenance responsibilities that easily become neglected in the day-to-day business can be automatized and monitored. In addition, a ticket system, third-party patch management, licence management, software roll-out and remote servicing make the “IT-Precaution”-Package complete.

flex.SAFE – The online-vault as the safest way to exchange information, documents and messages

With most secure encryption techniques for data transfer and storage in combination with rigorous compliance to latest data protection regulations, this package offers a wide range of possible application – from only 49€ per month.

flex.DMS – the efficient DMS (Document Management System) offers a convenient audit-proof archiving of emails and documents

It further contains a variety of intelligent techniques of management. Automated or manual distribution of documents to designated addressees, access monitoring, pre-defined document processing, logical linkages and much more. Apart from the strict compliance to legal regulations as well as the saving of time and space, you benefit from an improved security for your documents.

Hosted Microsoft® Exchange

With flex.MAIL you use all the advantages of Microsoft® Exchange but without high investment costs for software, infrastructure and maintenance. You solely pay for the actual usage, which further can be adjusted to a change of needs at any time. All emails, tasks, contacts and calendar entries are centrally stored in our data centre, synchronised with all terminal devices, and are readily available all over the world.
We take care of the maintenance of the system, while the administration of the mailboxes remains completely in your hands.

Secure(d) in the Cloud or locally on-site

flex.BACKUP automatically encrypts and rapidly saves your data. You stay flexible with regards to where your data is stored. Data backup can take place in our data centre (Cloud), or locally within your own backup environment, or you can make use of both options simultaneously (hybrid solution). Considering the recovery procedure, you also remain flexible: Web Restore at another location, local system recovery, etc. This flexible usage also pays off financially; with our pay-as-you-go Licence Model, you only pay for what you really use.

flex.MONITOR – automated network monitoring simplifies the IT staffs workload, increases significantly the safety and safes money.

flex.MONITOR monitors all systems, devices, traffic and applications of your IT infrastructure. Risks are automatically identified and with the notification system you can set up your individual schedule alerts (such as ’no low priority alerts at night‘), or avoid alarm floods by using dependencies and acknowledging. Thus you can avoid breakdowns and shortages, as well as optimizing your IT infrastructure on a longterm basis.

The secure Cloud-Storage – available anywhere, at any time

flex.DRIVE stores your business data securely in our German data centre, which is in line with the German Data Protection and therefore fulfils high standards and criteria of security. As a result, you preserve independence from other storage media and a specified place of work. Collaborative work and organisation of joint projects is as possible as to quickly resume work after an outage of your hardware.

flex.LIZENZ by renting software instead of buying it

You only pay for the usage per member of your personnel/staff. Shall the amount of your members of staff change, your licence can be depleted or expanded any time. Thereby, you further have the choice of installing the software locally, or to use it through our German data centre (Cloud). In either case, you save investment costs of buying the software; the rental charge becomes part of your monthly operating expenses and is instantly tax-deductible.


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