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Christian Paulus

DS Deutsche Systemhaus GmbH is an experienced IT provider that supports its customers with infrastructure solutions and datacentre services.

Founded by Christian Paulus in 1995, it served as a supplier for IT infrastructure and service provider in the beginning. In 1997 Marco Rechenberg joined the company as partner.

At that time, it was operated as retail unit; however, through the joint management, it has quickly grown into an IT service provider that speaks and understands the language of business executives as well as subject-specifics of IT personnel.

Due to its swift development and the growing numbers of staff, the company soon was forced to relocate to more suitable premises; therefore, the building at Gabelsbergerstraße in Schwandorf was acquired and extensively renovated in 2005, where it still accommodates the company’s headquarter today.

Furthermore, the company established itself as a leader in the field of cloud computing. For this particular purpose, the datacentre in Regensburg has been leased in 2007 in order to provide clients with their specific hard and software.

Since 2010, the IT service provider successfully works with clients in all of Europe primarily in the section of Managed Services; herein, the entire IT infrastructure of the customer is supported either on a monthly basis or longer-term.

With the passing of Marco Rechenberg in 2015, the company is now owned by Family Paulus under the leadership of Christian Paulus.

Our Core Values

The excellent reputation of DS is based on the core values of transparency, quality and innovation. These values have formed our character as a company and which makes DS a very special company.

TRANSPARENCY for us means to be honest at all times, to be true to our word, as well as to treat everyone with fairness and respect. This is specifically manifested in the sincere relationships, decisions-making considering the concerns of all involved, and in the explicit affirmation of an ethically correct and rightful conduct.  Integrity is the foundation of our business operation and therefore constitutes one of our most valuable assets, which is never to be put at stake.

QUALITY is at the forefront of all our chores that are related to the immediate and mediate satisfaction of our customers, members of staff and other business partners. Quality appears in many respects: by offering and supporting solutions and services, which delight our customers; by creating a work environment in which employees can thrive, as well as through the continuous nurturing of relationships that is beneficial to all who are involved. The objective and subjective perception of satisfaction is continuously observed and assessed through a direct and intensive contact in order to guarantee a prompt reaction to current needs.

INNOVATION is all about to identify, invent, design, and develop innovative solutions and services that are implementable and address the customers’ preferences and needs. Innovation also means to establish internal processes that refer to the latest technologies, as well as to make use of modern tools and methods that the information technology currently has to offer.

Our CORE VALUES unite us as members of the DS community and keeps us distinct from many other companies.

The legacy of that is manifested in our core values contributes to serving our customers, and to achieve our business goals in present and future.